How emotions, like colds, are contagious

May 02, 2019
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Researchers call this phenomenon emotional contagion (EC), in which one person’s emotions transfer to another.

Do you know a narcissist?

April 25, 2019
What does narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) look like? Living with someone who has NPD can be challenging. Find out what causes it and how...

Separation anxiety is real for kids (and adults)

April 04, 2019
Ever had your child cling to your leg and bawl his/her eyes out when you try to leave for work or the store? Young children often feel threatened...

How our emotions affect our heart health

March 19, 2019
The heart and the mind are intimately connected. Negative states of mind may increase the risk for heart disease over time or worsen heart issues...

Reversing an opioid overdose with naloxone

March 14, 2019
One critical element of turning the tide on opioid addiction is promoting the distribution and use of naloxone — a drug that reverses an opioid...

Take action to prevent suicide

When it comes to suicide, no one is immune. Learning how to strengthen an individual’s protective factors and recognize risk factors and warning...
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