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For over 60 years, Edward Hospital has cared for the people of the west and southwest suburbs with the generous support of our friends and partners in the community. As we respond to the challenges of the rapidly changing healthcare industry while maintaining our high standards of care, we rely on your help now more than ever.

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COVID-19 Relief Fund guardian angel t-shirt

All proceeds from the purchase of this t-shirt will be directed to Edward Foundation's COVID-19 Relief Fund that will provide comfort to Edward Hospital caregivers and patients, purchase essential needs like PPE and support other unexpected healthcare requests generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The artwork on the t-shirts was designed by Doreah Salti, and the text on the back was composed by Isabella Salti. Doreah and Isabella are the daughters of Dr. George Salti, Chief of Surgical Oncology at Edward-Elmhurst Health, and developing this shirt is one way they are supporting our front line healthcare workers.

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Why your gift to Edward matters

Charitable giving is central to our ability to safeguard the health and lives of our community members. With the changing landscape in healthcare, not-for-profit hospitals have to do more with less money—and Edward is no exception.

As part of the Edward-Elmhurst Health system, Edward Hospital serves as the health safety net for the communities we serve. With more than one million residents in the region—each with a different set of conditions, risks and ailments—our team of medical professionals must be ready to diagnose and treat any patient at any time.

For these reasons, philanthropy has become critical to ensuring Edward remains a leading hospital in the region, with the finest physicians, facilities, technologies and treatment options that save lives every day.

Donate to the Edward Foundation today or call 630-527-3954 for more information.

Lead donors for 2019

Edward Foundation extends special thanks to the following lead donors for their exceptional support.

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