Injectable cholesterol medication “essential” for some patients

July 16, 2019
This class of injectable drugs, known as PCSK9 inhibitors, has dramatically lowered stubborn LDL levels when used with a statin.

For us, this is personal

July 09, 2019
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
The inspiration for this campaign came from one simple story, told by one of the heart hospital program leaders, Bryan Foy, M.D.
ThisisPersonal-Jazz article

From cafeteria worker to heart surgery nurse

July 09, 2019
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Jaz got to experience firsthand how powerful and transformative medical work can be.

Food as fuel before, during and after a workout

June 25, 2019
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Don’t forget to give your body the fuel it needs before, during and after your workout.

Don’t take that daily aspirin unless your doctor says to do it

June 17, 2019
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
An aspirin a day may not help keep the heart attack away.
MitraClip 2

Understanding and treating mitral valve disease

June 06, 2019
Edward Hospital is one of a handful of hospitals to offer MitraClip in the treatment of mitral valve regurgitation.
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