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Foods for your heart: Simple diet changes you can make

September 16, 2021
A healthy diet and lifestyle are the best way to prevent a variety of diseases, including heart disease.

Stretches and exercises to address back pain

September 15, 2021
If you have back pain, ask your doctor about some of these stretches and exercises.
Endeavor Video Blog   Davenport

Why does my body get stuck at a certain weight?

September 14, 2021
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Watch this Endeavor Health® Weight Management FAQ video featuring Amanda Davenport, PA.
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What should you eat if you have diabetes?

September 09, 2021
If you have diabetes, what you eat can greatly impact your overall health and how you feel.

Edward-Elmhurst Health and NorthShore plan to merge

September 08, 2021
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
We’re enhancing our commitment to safe, seamless, personal healthcare.
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What every woman should know about ovarian cancer

September 06, 2021
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
September is the unofficial start of fall, but it is also officially the beginning of National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.
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