Stop the baby talk and start singing

August 10, 2023
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
A recent study found that singing works better than talking to keep babies calm.

What’s normal during pregnancy

August 03, 2023
Knowing what’s normal is often one of the biggest unknowns moms-to-be face.

How to help your teen be a safe sitter

June 26, 2023
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
If your young teen is considering babysitting, she/he needs to be prepared to handle it.

8 honest truths about life with a newborn

June 23, 2023
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
You can do the prep work and read all the “what to expect” books, but nothing can quite prepare you for what it’s like to have a newborn until you...
HD Moms J Baird Podcastcrop2

Mom finds healing after heartache with motherhood podcast

June 22, 2023
Naperville-native Jacqueline Baird became a podcaster, talking about her journey to becoming a mom and so much more.

How can working moms find balance?

June 21, 2023
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
As a working mom, you may feel like you’re always being pulled in different directions, by your children, your employer, your spouse and friends.
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