Ortho Danielle Colan 750x500

World record-setting Olympic weightlifter finds relief from nerve pain after lumbar surgery

February 23, 2024
by Endeavor Health
Danielle Colan, 47, of Gurnee, a competitive athlete and Olympic-style weightlifter, found relief from nerve pain after lumbar surgery at Endeavor...
Supplements 750x500

Breakdown of vitamins, probiotics and other dietary supplements

February 15, 2024
by Endeavor Health
Trying to choose what you might need from the vast array of dietary supplements available today could easily overwhelm. Get a breakdown of...
Woman talking with Dr 750x500

6 signs it’s time to see your doctor

February 14, 2024
by Endeavor Health
Say you’ve been feeling well, all things considered, and a visit to the doctor is the furthest from your mind.
Healthy Knees 750x500

Orthopaedic surgeon shares how to keep your knees healthy

February 12, 2024
by Endeavor Health
The largest joint in the body — the knee — helps you stand, maintain your balance and do just about any kind of movement from walking and running,...
Is sitting bad for spine 750x500

Is too much sitting bad for your health? 5 tips from an orthopaedic surgeon

February 09, 2024
by Endeavor Health
In today’s world, where many of us spend extended periods of time sitting behind a screen and a keyboard, aches and pains and even complaints of...
Watching Big Game 750x500

Preparing for the “Big Game”

February 06, 2024
What’s your reason for watching the NFL’s championship game this year? Are you a huge football fan, anticipating the commercials or just watching...
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