Halloween without the health scare

October 26, 2015
Believe it or not, Halloween is a great time to practice balance. When your kids stagger home on Halloween night lugging sacks full of candy, teach...

Fit eats: What’s in a fitness trainer’s fridge?

October 19, 2015
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Personal trainers know how to move. They also know how to fuel that movement with the right foods for peak performance.

How to keep your child from becoming a media-addicted zombie

October 12, 2015
It’s hard to fight the pull of electronics. Try these ground rules for screen use, and watch your kids bloom.

What to do the night before the marathon

October 05, 2015
These tips will get you in shape the day and night before the big race.

Brown bag lunch ideas your kids will actually eat

September 28, 2015
Make sure your kids are getting a midday meal that gives them enough healthy nourishment and brainpower to make it through the afternoon.

Get your kids to bed at a decent hour

September 07, 2015
A good night’s sleep is essential for a productive school day – and a healthy kid. Read common questions parents have about their kids and sleep.
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