Amish Doshi, MD


Dr. Doshi's Philosophy Of Care:

"I value trust and a strong patient-physician relationship as the foundation to providing quality care. I view the patient encounter as a conversation between two specialists, with the patient sharing his or her unique medical situation before developing an agreed-upon regimen."

Practice: Endeavor Health Medical Group

Hospital Affiliations: Edward Hospital

Clinical Interests: Diabetes; Hypertension; Obesity; Osteoarthritis; Preventive Medicine; Primary Care; Weight Management; Dyslipidemia; COPD; Asthma

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Number of Posts: 8
Contributor Since: 5/14/2018
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Should you eat that? How to avoid food poisoning

June 06, 2022
Eating outdoors is one of the best parts of summer—unless it ends with someone getting sick from food poisoning.

Is it a cold — or hay fever?

May 23, 2019
The symptoms of seasonal allergies can mimic a cold virus, causing some of us to question what’s really going on.

When allergies strike in adulthood

February 26, 2019
Adult-onset allergies can happen, and they often take people by surprise.

What vitamins do you need?

January 17, 2019
There are times when a vitamin can do your body good. Where your diet may be lacking, supplements can pick up the slack.

Office etiquette for cold and flu season

December 04, 2018
You know that it is cold and flu season when you start to hear sniffling and sneezing around you at work.

Why 20-somethings need primary care doctors

September 24, 2018
Adults in their 20s benefit from an ongoing relationship with a primary care doctor—even if they’re super healthy.
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