The best doctor’s visit you’ve ever had

October 23, 2020
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Dr. Cozzi believes every patient should leave his office feeling like that was the best doctor’s visit they’ve ever had.

How to make the most of your hike

October 19, 2020
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Just being outside in the fresh air surrounded by the colors of the season makes hiking a perfect activity for this time of year.

Make your home office healthier

October 13, 2020
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
The number of days spent working from home has doubled for many Americans as a result of the pandemic.

Food as fuel before, during and after a workout

October 12, 2020
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
As you get ready to hit the gym or running trail, don’t forget to feed your body to give it the fuel it needs before, during and after your workout.

6 ways to de-stress and relax in nature

October 05, 2020
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Being in nature can help clear your head and bring you into the present moment, and is a great way to de-stress and relax.

How to safely celebrate Halloween during a pandemic

October 05, 2020
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
With the virus that causes COVID-19 circulating, it’s just not safe to crowd into a cramped haunted house and scream your head off.
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