Having bladder problems? Use this screening tool

November 10, 2022
Do you have a constant urge to pee? One of the most uncomfortable — and awkward — conditions that afflict women are pelvic floor disorders.
HD Moms Alyssa Familycrop

Finding a role model in the NICU: A sliding door moment

November 08, 2022
The chance that Dr. Dixit was the attending neonatologist that day led to life-altering events and a possible career in medicine for the now...

Wash those hands; save yourself a trip to the doctor’s office

November 04, 2022
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Want to avoid the entire family getting sick and spreading germs to others this winter? Learn these 4 hand washing principles to teach your kids.

What to do if your teen is being cyberbullied

October 10, 2022
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Cyberbullying is a threat to our children’s mental and physical health. If your teen is the target of cyberbullying, you can help with these tips.

Halloween without the health scare

October 03, 2022
Believe it or not, Halloween is a great time to practice balance. When your kids stagger home on Halloween night lugging sacks full of candy, teach...

School lunches to help your child power through the afternoon

September 29, 2022
We’re all too familiar with the afternoon slump. Kids go through that, too. Keep these tips in mind when you buy food for lunches.
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