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Meet Danica Patrick, the world’s most famous female race car driver and the spokesperson for the Healthy Driven campaign at Edward-Elmhurst Health.

Danica, a native of Roscoe, Illinois, is the most successful woman in the history of American auto racing. She is the only woman to have won an IndyCar Series race, the 2008 Indy Japan 300, and her 3rd place finish at the 2009 Indianapolis 500 is the best showing by a woman in the history of the legendary race. “Leading the Healthy Driven campaign is a natural connection and extension of my personal and professional lifestyle. I want to motivate others to take charge of their health,” says Danica.

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Danica Patrick: Gym etiquette tips you need to know

November 15, 2016
by Danica Patrick
If you’ve never been part of a gym, there are some things you should know before you start working out.

Danica Patrick: It's never too late (or too soon) to get heart healthy

October 11, 2016
by Danica Patrick
If you think you’re too old, heavy or out of shape to exercise now, think again.

Danica Patrick: how to find your motivation

September 19, 2016
by Danica Patrick
The first key to beating the lure of the couch is vision.

Danica Patrick: Make the most of the farmers market

August 17, 2016
by Danica Patrick
Summer means tons of fresh fruits and veggies, which makes it the perfect season for experimenting with new recipes.

Danica Patrick: How failure can be a gift

July 18, 2016
by Danica Patrick
Failure is a great teacher.

Danica Patrick: Want to be healthier? Help someone else

June 28, 2016
by Danica Patrick
There’s something about shifting your focus off yourself and onto others in a positive way that lifts the dark clouds.
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