Danica Patrick: how to find your motivation

September 19, 2016 | by Danica Patrick

There’s something to be said for diligence.

It’s definitely sweet to accomplish something that required hard work.

Unfortunately, the work isn’t always interesting, especially long-term. Plugging away at something bit by bit gets easier when you see results of your labor, but the process can get stale.

This is so true when it comes to exercise. What should you do if lying on the couch watching the Food Network sounds more interesting to you than digging into another workout? You KNOW you really should do the workout, but you just don’t think you want to/have the energy/care enough.

The first key to beating the lure of the couch is vision. Imagine your results. Nobody wants to look like a couch potato, right? Nobody wants to feel creaky joints and expanding waistlines.

Your results will be a lot more palatable if you spend that half-hour or hour moving instead of sitting.

I’ll admit, sometimes vision isn’t enough. Working out isn’t always fun and games. Your exercise of choice can get tedious if you do it enough.

These tips can keep exercise interesting and do-able:

  • Develop a passion for an activity. I have this relentless internal drive to conquer really difficult yoga poses. The challenge keeps me interested and motivated to keep working on it.
  • Switch it up. Sometimes I need a change. So I hit the CrossFit gym. Or I take my dogs for a long hike. Keeping things interesting can help motivate you. Make it fun and active.
  • Make sure your workout isn’t punishing.
  • Plan ahead. Schedule your workouts for the week so you know you have time. Keep your gym bag in your car. Or get up early, before your kids are awake. When it’s easier to do, you’ll end up doing it.
  • Join a class. Sometimes other people can be a great motivation. A little competition never hurt anyone, either.

How do you maintain your motivation? Share your experience in the comments below!

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