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Meet Danica Patrick, the world’s most famous female race car driver and the spokesperson for the Healthy Driven campaign at Edward-Elmhurst Health.

Danica, a native of Roscoe, Illinois, is the most successful woman in the history of American auto racing. She is the only woman to have won an IndyCar Series race, the 2008 Indy Japan 300, and her 3rd place finish at the 2009 Indianapolis 500 is the best showing by a woman in the history of the legendary race. “Leading the Healthy Driven campaign is a natural connection and extension of my personal and professional lifestyle. I want to motivate others to take charge of their health,” says Danica.

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Danica Patrick: You’ve got to unplug to recharge

May 16, 2017
by Danica Patrick
A long walk outside, away from technology, is like meditation. It can recharge you from the inside out.
Danica smile

Danica Patrick: Healthy teeth = healthy body

April 20, 2017
by Danica Patrick
The condition of your teeth can reveal clues about your overall health.

Danica Patrick: Veggies for breakfast and other strange ideas

March 28, 2017
by Danica Patrick
The truth is, most of us don’t eat enough vegetables.

Danica Patrick: How to make an easy (heart-healthy) dinner that looks complicated

February 15, 2017
by Danica Patrick
Dinner for two that looks fancy and tastes good? It's easy to pull off.

Danica Patrick: The power of friendship

January 09, 2017
by Danica Patrick
Danica shares how good friends can keep you healthy, and the important traits she looks for in a friend.
Danica traveling

Danica Patrick: Stay healthy on the road

December 07, 2016
by Danica Patrick
Staying well while traveling isn’t tricky. It just requires smart packing, healthy habits and self-awareness.
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