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Meet Alexander Hantel, M.D., a medical oncologist at Edward-Elmhurst Health. His clinical interests include: Internal Medicine (General Cert); Breast Cancer; Gastrointestinal Cancer; Solid Tumors; Hematologic Malignancies; Clinical Trials and New Cancer Therapies. Don't miss Dr. Hantel's Healthy Driven blogs!

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Travel tips for cancer patients

June 14, 2017
Ease your fears and make your trip as seamless as possible with these travel tips.

10 symptoms women often ignore but shouldn't

March 29, 2017
Learn about 10 common symptoms that could indicate a serious health issue.

When headaches can be brain tumors

March 15, 2017
Most headaches are caused by less serious conditions, but there are signs you should be aware of to help you determine if your headache is...

Revive your resolution to quit smoking

February 01, 2017
Knowing that smoking is bad for you isn’t enough to break an addiction. You have to make other changes too.

Protect yourself against this common complication of cancer

January 04, 2017
Infections are one of the most common and life-threatening complications of cancer and cancer treatment, but there are ways you can protect yourself.

Is it heartburn, acid reflux or something more?

November 23, 2016
Each one of us experiences heartburn at some point in our lives. If left untreated, heartburn can lead to Barrett's esophagus, which is a...
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