Why you need to check your blood pressure

October 27, 2022
High blood pressure can be brought under control. And it’s worth the effort.
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Wheaton man shares key components of recovery from ruptured Achilles tendon

October 26, 2022
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
An avid bicyclist, Shon Zeller, was a bit surprised when he heard a snap come from his ankle during a pick-up game of basketball.
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The diseases you may have forgotten about, thanks to vaccines

October 26, 2022
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
You likely don’t remember being vaccinated against some of the worst diseases, as the shots are mainly given in early childhood.
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DuPagePads: A mission to end homelessness in DuPage County

October 21, 2022
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
DuPagePads' mission is now being supported through Edward-Elmhurst Health’s Community Investment Fund.

Managing breast cancer risks and fears

October 21, 2022
A breast cancer risk assessment program can help a woman understand her risk and, if necessary, decide what course of prevention and/or...

How to ease the burden for a caregiver

October 18, 2022
Caring for an ailing, older family member is a full-time job. What are some ways to support a family caregiver?
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