Make fitness “me time” during pregnancy

October 15, 2018 | by Mary Bielawski

When you’re pregnant, your body is constantly working hard growing another little human being.

It’s very important to take excellent care of your ever-changing body during this special time.  As long as your doctor, midwife or nurse practitioner gives you the OK to exercise, you should carve out time to exercise and stay active throughout your pregnancy.

Here are some helpful tips to stay active, keep moving, and create a healthy physical routine:

  • Walking. This is such an easy, inexpensive way to stay active!  Try to walk at least once a day or as many days per week as you can (I know some days are harder than others. Thank you, pregnancy symptoms!). Walking outside not only helps your circulation, you get that added bonus of breathing fresh air, which is especially refreshing if you’ve been feeling queasy. Too hot or too cold out for you? Take your walks indoors to your gym or to a mall.
  • Stretching. With your muscles, tendons and ligaments stretching and pulling in every direction to support your growing baby, adding some light-to-moderate stretches could ease that discomfort. You can also use this time while you stretch to quiet the mind. Create a comfortable space somewhere in your home (mine is in my bedroom) with a yoga mat, blankets, pillows, etc. Sometimes you might feel like binging on a Netflix show. In that case, perform a few stretches while watching TV. Start with a few different stretches, repeat each stretch 2-3 times. Once you get in a routine, add more stretches.
  • DVDs, OnDemand, YouTube, etc. There are so many media sources that have an abundance of pregnancy workouts. Cardio, strength, yoga — even belly dancing!  Search your cable provider to see if they offer on-demand pregnancy workouts. You can also check out pregnancy DVDs at your local library.
  • Pregnancy classes at the gym. This is a great way to add exercise to your routine. A certified instructor will guide you through the exercises and make sure you’re comfortable and not over doing it. Plus, there’s that added bonus of meeting other pregnant mommas. Together you’ll be able to bond over food aversions (or cravings!), weird pregnancy dreams and sore boobs.

You’ll be taking care of baby when he or she arrives, so it’s imperative to care of YOU. Taking care of your body when you’re pregnant is a good habit to start now.

Staying active while pregnant will help you when that bundle of joy arrives. You’ll have the strength and endurance throughout all the feedings, diaper changes, and all those sweet cuddle moments. You need to be healthy and strong for you and for your baby. A healthy and strong mama is a happy mama.

Learn more about pre- and post-natal exercise classes at Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness.

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