Stick together, stay healthy together

February 08, 2016 | by Siva Krishnan, MD
Would you like to live healthier? Want to be emotionally closer to your spouse?

How about both?

Banding together with your partner to work on fitness or health could help you achieve those goals — and enjoy doing it!

There are a number of ways you can work healthy choices and activities into your relationship. Tackling something together has the added bonus of in-house motivation and support to stick with it.

Be proactive about your health and self-care and give your relationship a little spark. Try these ideas for staying healthy as a couple:

Keep your hearts healthy – together

What could be more romantic than getting health screenings together? A lot of things, you say?

When you consider that keeping yourself healthy is one of the best gifts you can give your partner – taking steps to ensure you’ll be there for the long haul – and the fact that, once the screening is over, you can reward yourselves with a healthy (candlelit?) lunch or dinner, a health screening really is quite the romantic gesture.

Celebrate your love by checking your hearts. If you schedule a heart scan (for yourself and your sweetie) with Edward-Elmhurst Health in February or March, you pay only $75 per person. That leaves plenty of cash for flowers.

Cook dinner as a team

You don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money to have an elegant meal together. Set out some nice dishes, light some candles, then put on your aprons and get to work in your own kitchen!

Cooking together at home allows you to make healthy choices – you know every ingredient that goes into your meal. It also allows you to spend time together working on something fun and satisfying. Bonus points if you choose a recipe you’ve never tried before! These recipes may help you get started.

Dark chocolate

Time for dessert! Indulge in some dark chocolate. It can make you healthier — if eaten in moderation, of course. And, as Cleveland Clinic advises, keep it healthy by avoiding sugary extras like marshmallows and caramel fillers.

Work out together

Research has shown that couples who exercise together are happier and emotionally closer. Exercise also helps you feel better, look better and have FUN! Find an activity you both enjoy and go for it. Or try a workout that’s new to both of you, like yoga, boxing (take that pent-up aggression out on the bag, not your spouse!) or Cross Fit.

Try something different

In the vein of trying something new — exploring unfamiliar creative pursuits together could open up a new side to your relationship, keep your brain healthy and help you relax.

Sign up for a creative writing class (write a book together!), try a painting class, go on a photography hike, learn piano, take ballroom dancing or plant a garden (set up a greenhouse or create one in a sunny indoor spot and garden year-round).

Artistic activities will benefit your personal mental health, and learning something new together could give your relationship a boost.

How do you and your partner stay healthy together? Share your ideas or experiences in the comments! You may also share this article with others by clicking the social media buttons at the top and bottom of this page.

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