Take a free, five-minute Health Aware test.

Our assessments provide a quick analysis of your health and suggested next steps if you are found to be at risk. In just five minutes, you can gauge your risk of developing diseases or disorders that can weaken your health and affect your lifestyle.

heart aware I want to learn my risk for heart disease to escape this often silent killer
anxiety aware I want to know if I have anxiety so I can get help and get on with life
diabetes aware I want to catch diabetes early before it leads to serious complications
stroke aware I want to protect myself from stroke to avoid serious after effects
addiction aware I want to uncover an alcohol or drug problem to save what matters most
depression aware I want to know if I have depression so I can treat it and feel better
lung aware I want to detect a lung problem early to breathe easier and live better
breast aware I want to detect breast cancer early when it's most treatable
colon aware I want to know my risk for colon cancer so I can stop it before it starts
sleep aware I want to find out if I have a sleep disorder to protect my long-term health