eNewsletter - September 2022

September is National Suicide Prevention Month
By: Kim Reyes, LSW

According to a survey by the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Action Alliance), 93% of Americans believe suicide can be prevented and 95% would take action to help someone close to them who was thinking about suicide. The survey also showed that, despite an overwhelming willingness to help, respondents didn’t know what to say, weren’t comfortable with the topic and felt they needed more information. These results demonstrate the continued importance for nationwide outreach to make suicide information and resources readily available when needed.

In 2008, September was named National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Since then, organizations around the country have worked together to grow awareness, reduce stigma and make resources more available. Linden Oaks Behavioral Health is proud to join forces with the healthcare community this month in turning our efforts toward this important work. 

This year, the National Alliance for Mental Health is highlighting the campaign “Together for Mental Health” to encourage people to speak up together and advocate for improved mental healthcare. The new nationwide phone number for suicide crisis care—988—is a result of years of this type of advocacy and preparation that will allow for quick crisis support 24 hours a day throughout the United States. 

National Suicide Prevention Week begins on Sept. 4 and culminates on World Suicide Prevention Day, recognized annually on Sept. 10. Throughout the week, organizations will focus on sharing updated information related to suicide, educating Americans on how to support those in need, and providing concrete action steps for suicide prevention. 

What we can do. The Action Alliance, as part of their 2022 “#BeThere” campaign recommends the following ways someone can “be there” during Suicide Prevention Week to help change the conversation around suicide:

· Check in with a friend by phone or text message to see how they are doing.
· Invite a friend to meet for a physically distanced coffee or meal together.
· Send a handwritten card to let someone know you are thinking of them.
· Learn the risk factors and warning signs of suicide.
· Help connect someone who is struggling to professional care.
· Share the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Number: 988.

Finding more support. Linden Oaks can discuss available options at any level of behavioral healthcare (from the acute to chronically ill). If you know someone who would benefit from exploring treatment options related to suicidal thoughts, or requires information to help someone in need, please encourage them to contact our 24/7 Help Line at 630-305-5027 or complete our Assessment Request Form and one of our staff will contact them to assist.