eNewsletter - January 2024

Importance of Self-Care After the Holidays

By: Kavita Adatia, LCPC, Clinical Therapist II

The aftermath of the holidays can be a difficult time for many to manage emotions that stem from stressful experiences such as personal grief, loneliness, illness, economic concerns and relational issues.

One way to combat stress is to prioritize and engage in self-care after the holiday season. Self-care is a great way to manage your mental health throughout the holidays and beyond. There are a variety of ways to implement self-care into your clients’ treatment plans and your own. Here are some strategies:

Accept your feelings: It is normal to struggle with contradictory emotions. Practice observing and accepting thoughts and feelings without judgment. Remember that whatever you feel is what you feel, and that is okay. “Leaves on the Stream” is a great strategy to practice when struggling with thoughts. You can find many guided videos on YouTube which will walk you through this exercise.

Prioritize seeing a therapist: Consider seeing a therapist for support when working through distressing emotions during and after the holidays. Make a standing appointment throughout the season.

Practice mindfulness: Be present in yourself without judgment.

Maintain healthy habits: Stick to routines as closely as possible. Prioritize sleep, nutrition and physical activity even more after the holidays.

Set boundaries: It is okay to say NO to prevent burnout. Find a balance that promotes self-care and preserves personal space from friends and family. 

Make time for yourself:  Recharge in a manner that aligns with your well-being, focusing on activities that genuinely bring you joy and contribute to your overall health.

The days following after the holidays are a stressful time for many. Therefore, prioritizing and implementing the aforementioned self-care tips can help to reduce stress levels and prevent exacerbating existing medical health conditions.

Self-care is a helpful way to manage your mental health after the holidays and any other time of year. Goals to manage stress during the holidays (and any other time) can be included in almost any treatment plan.

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