Professional relations

The partnerships between Linden Oaks Behavioral Health providers and community schools and outpatient therapy providers have always been a high priority, as they promote a positive environment for the recovery of our patients. Our staff works directly with providers and school contacts to ensure appropriate continuity of care and transition between levels of treatment.

Whether you are a new therapy practice who is contacting us for the first time or a school we work with on a regular basis, Linden Oaks community liaisons can connect you to the appropriate staff to identify areas for collaboration and referral.

The community liaison can:

  • Arrange a tour of any of our locations
  • Organize a provider meeting to discuss collaboration capabilities and referral opportunities
  • Register you for a Linden Oaks provider fair to promote your business
  • Answer questions about our continuing education and training
  • Be a single point of contact for provider questions


Our community liaisons arrange tours of any of our inpatient or outpatient locations, including the assessment and treatment areas. Our liaison will also provide an overview of programs and services available, and review our capacity for care. Typically, the liaison will schedule a provider meeting in conjunction with the tour, which includes a roundtable discussion regarding opportunities for mutual collaboration.

We do our best to coordinate these tours at appropriate times. However, during times of high census, it may be necessary to avoid certain areas of the tour and a liaison will inform you if this is the case.

To set up a tour, email us.

Provider meetings

Our community liaisons organize provider meetings with behavioral health providers and schools to establish and foster new and existing referral relationships and collaboration.

In our provider meetings, we discuss treatment models, clinical philosophies, specializations and areas for cross referral. We welcome information about you and the services you provide, as well as feedback on your experiences with Linden Oaks patients.

We will answer any questions about where and how to refer to Linden Oaks, update you on trends we are seeing, and help you follow your patient’s treatment experience to ensure communication and the exchange of clinical information.

Our community liaisons cover the entire Linden Oaks service area and meetings can be arranged at or near any of our inpatient or outpatient locations.

To set up a meeting, email us.

Provider fairs

From time to time, we host provider fairs at Linden Oaks Behavioral Health inpatient hospital and offsite locations. This is an opportunity to have direct contact with our clinical therapists and support staff who refer patients to providers in the community.

For a nominal fee, the provider organization is guaranteed a booth within our fair to market services alongside other providers in the area. This is also an opportunity for your practice to market to other professionals in the area.

Provider fairs typically take place annually. For information on our provider fair dates, email us.