Behavioral Health School Navigation Requests

School representatives should fill out the form below for students who need assistance connecting with behavioral health treatment. A Linden Oaks Behavioral Health Navigator will contact the student’s parent/guardian, discuss the situation and determine the appropriate intervention, then assist the family in connecting with that level of care.  Our navigators refer patients with all types of symptoms, needs and/or insurance payers to appropriate behavioral health treatment options.  These options may include but are not limited to hospital based programming, outpatient therapy, and medication management. 

We encourage you to have the student’s parent/guardian complete and sign a Linden Oaks Release of Information Form for you/your school.  This is not required but does allow us to be able to communicate with you/the school about the student’s status and/or appointment(s).

To complete a Behavioral Health School Navigation Referral:

This form is for non-emergent issues, typical response from the Linden Oaks Navigation team will be within 24-48 hours. For immediate safety concerns, please contact your nearest emergency department or call our Help Line 24/7 at (630) 305-5027.