Mental Health School Navigation Requests

Endeavor/Linden Oaks collaborates with schools to assist in finding suitable treatment resources for students based on their mental health needs, symptoms, acuity, care levels, and insurance coverage.

Navigation Form:

Mental Health Navigation Form

Navigation Form Submission Process:

  1. Student Identification:
    • School representative identifies a student with mental health and/or addiction need(s) and follows their school’s standard identification/assessment protocol.
    • If the student has immediate safety concerns, bypass the Navigation Form and contact our Crisis Line at 630-305-5027 with the student/parent.
    • If no safety concerns, proceed with the steps below.
  2. Student/parent Discussion:
    • School representative reaches out to the student/parent to: 
      • Confirm willingness to be contacted by a Mental Health Resource Navigator.
      • Obtain School ROI (if applicable):
        • If your school has a standard ROI procedure to authorize the school to release the student’s information to our navigator, have the student and/parent sign your school’s ROI and keep for your records.
      • Obtain Endeavor/Linden Oaks ROI (optional but strongly encouraged): 
        • Endeavor/Linden Oaks Release of Information
        • Ask the student/parent to sign our ROI authorizing our navigator to release the student’s status to you (the school representative). If we do not obtain this form, we can still reach out to the student/parent but will not be able to provide you with the details of the resources provided.
        • You can complete this step after submitting the Navigation Order by going to the Upload an ROI After Initial Navigation Order section below.
  3. Mental Health Navigation Form Submission:
  4. Student Navigation and School Follow-up:
    • Our navigator contacts the student/parent within 24-72 hours to discuss options and make a treatment/resource recommendation.
    • If you submitted an Endeavor ROI, our navigator updates you via email on the student’s recommendation/status.

Upload an ROI After Initial Navigation Form Submission:

If you have previously submitted a Mental Health Navigation Form for a student and now have a signed ROI from the student/parent, submit the signed ROI here.

  • ROI Follow-up Submission 
  • If you have NOT completed a Mental Health Navigation Form for this student, refer to the above Navigation Form Submission Process section and start from the beginning.

Mental Health Navigation Questions?

Thank you for your commitment to the well-being of students. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us at or


This form is for non-emergent issues, typical response from the Linden Oaks Navigation team will be within 24-48 hours. For immediate safety concerns, please contact your nearest emergency department or call our Help Line 24/7 at (630) 305-5027.