Essential beauty tips for the cancer fighter

July 13, 2016
Like most drugs, chemotherapy can cause side effects. Keep these beauty tips in mind as you begin treatment.
HDCancer Sarcoma

Everything you need to know about sarcoma

July 06, 2016
July is National Sarcoma Awareness Month. Learn more about the disease, including symptoms, risk factors and more.

How creative arts therapy helps us live better

June 29, 2016
Have you ever noticed how doing an activity you enjoy can calm you down? The creative arts has an even greater purpose for people struggling with...
HD Cancer Blog Robotic surgery

How robotic surgery is helping cancer patients

June 23, 2016
As technology continues to advance, the advancement of cancer treatment is no exception.
HDCancer 5questionsprostate

5 questions men ask about prostate cancer

June 15, 2016
Learn the answers to some common prostate cancer questions.
HDCancer Survivorship

5 steps to live a healthier life after cancer treatment

June 08, 2016
Both fear and anxiety are normal parts of cancer survivorship, but there are steps you can take to help you stay healthy.
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