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Meet Amaryllis Gil, MD, Associate Medical Director of Elmhurst Hospital. Dr. Gil believes in state of the art cancer care with close attention to optimizing quality of life. Dr. Gil makes sure the patient has the information and knowledge they need for their plan of care. Don't miss Dr. Gil's Healthy Driven blogs!


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4 common side effects after breast cancer treatment

September 09, 2019
Once you have completed your breast cancer treatment, you may continue to experience symptoms that can be challenging.

Warning signs of a brain tumor

August 15, 2018
Before you jump to conclusions, know that primary brain tumors, or tumors that start in the brain, are uncommon.

What you should know about detecting cancer early

February 07, 2018
You’ve heard it before: cancer is most treatable when it is detected early. So what does this mean for you?

Are you experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder? Here’s what to do

August 30, 2017
It’s very normal to feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster ride when dealing with cancer, but if your feelings get in the way of daily...

Do concussions increase the risk for brain tumors?

August 02, 2017
Even one concussion can cause serious problems.
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