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Meet Dr. Uzma Muneer, a board certified pediatrician at Elmhurst Clinic. Her medical interests include primary care, pediatric medicine, nutrition, atopic dermatitis and acne. “I believe pediatrics is a collaborative effort between the doctor and family. I truly value the relationship and trust I develop with my patients,” she says. Don’t miss Dr. Muneer’s Healthy Driven Moms blogs!

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7 things to know about childhood arthritis

June 16, 2022
Juvenile arthritis is an umbrella term for inflammatory and rheumatic diseases that develop in children under 16.

Parental challenge – Does your child have COVID-19, flu, cold or something else?

September 25, 2020
We’re entering flu season. Kids will get sick just like they always have, but this year is different since we’re also contending with the coronavirus.

Know the signs of childhood asthma

December 05, 2019
It’s upsetting to see your child coughing, wheezing or, even worse, struggling to breathe. What signs of pediatric asthma should parents be aware of?

Do your due diligence when choosing a daycare

September 27, 2018
Choosing a daycare provider for your baby or child is no easy task. Get tips to help you choose a child care arrangement that’s right for your family.

Are dirt and germs as bad as we think?

May 17, 2018
We spend a lot of time and energy protecting our babies and kids from germs. But some germs could actually help protect them.

What to do when your child is sick with croup

December 07, 2017
It can be downright scary when your child wakes up with a barking cough. Croup is a common illness in young children, especially in fall and winter...
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