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Meet Dr. Uzma Muneer, a board certified pediatrician at Elmhurst Clinic. Her medical interests include primary care, pediatric medicine, nutrition, atopic dermatitis and acne. “I believe pediatrics is a collaborative effort between the doctor and family. I truly value the relationship and trust I develop with my patients,” she says. Don’t miss Dr. Muneer’s Healthy Driven Moms blogs!

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What to do when your child is sick with croup

December 07, 2017
It can be downright scary when your child wakes up with a barking cough. Croup is a common illness in young children, especially in fall and winter...
doctor measuring a babies head

Should I be worried about my baby’s growth?

September 21, 2017
Each time you take your baby to the pediatrician, you hear numbers related to how she is growing. But where do the numbers come from and what do...

What you should know about trampolines and bounce houses

July 26, 2017
You may want to think twice before taking your kids to the next trampoline park or inflatable bounce house party.

Can food allergies in kids be prevented?

April 13, 2017
Experts say the best way to prevent food allergies is to expose babies to more foods early, rather than waiting.

No shame in bedwetting, learn how to handle it

March 03, 2017
Bedwetting can be a real challenge for families. Learn more about bedwetting and get tips to manage it.

There is hope for dealing with your picky eater

September 02, 2016
Does your child refuse to eat anything except hot dogs, chicken nuggets or pizza? Read tips for getting your picky eater to eat healthy.
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