Tiana Carrillo, MD

Dr Tiana Carrillo

Meet Tiana Carrillo, MD, a family medicine physician with Elmhurst Memorial Medical Group. Dr. Carrillo's philosophy is to build long-term personal relationships with patients of all ages, from infancy into adulthood, and provide care for acute and chronic conditions by educating and advocating for her patients.

Her clinical interests include preventive medicine, weight management, primary care, heart disease, diabetes, women's health, oral contraception/birth control, depression, pediatrics, family care and geriatrics. Don't miss Dr. Carrillo's Healthy Driven blogs!

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How to deal with sciatica pain

July 08, 2019
You’re more likely to get sciatica if you fit these risk categories.

What you should know about new high blood pressure guidelines

November 28, 2017
High blood pressure now begins with a reading of 130/80, instead of 140/90.
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