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Meet Dr. Cash Casey. His clinical interests include heart rhythm abnormalities, arrhythmias, cardiology and electrophysiology. Don't miss Dr. Casey's Healthy Driven blogs!

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Your heart’s rhythm: treatments to stay on beat

April 02, 2019
The heart beats automatically and usually runs smoothly, efficiently and accurately. But sometimes it can short-circuit, leading to an abnormal...

Know the symptoms of arrhythmia and when to worry

January 31, 2019
Many times, arrhythmias are not life threatening, but when accompanied by other symptoms, such as feeling faint, dizzy or a short of breath, it...

Many weapons in play against common heart problem: AFib

July 26, 2018
Timely diagnosis and treatment of AFib is key because it increases the risk of stroke and, if uncontrolled, may lead to heart failure.

7 ways your heart benefits from exercise

May 15, 2018
Learn seven heart-healthy reasons why regular cardiovascular work belongs in your exercise plan.

Implantable wireless cardiac monitor a “game changer”

October 06, 2015
Elmhurst Hospital first in region to implant the smallest-available wireless cardiac monitor.
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