Carole Robinson, RN, LCPC, PMHRN-BC

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Meet Carole Robinson, RN, LCPC, PMHRN-BC, a behavioral health counselor with Linden Oaks Behavioral Health. Carol specializes in addictions and partners alongside her clients in their journey of growth and change. Don't miss Carol's healthy Driven Minds blogs!

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Are you constantly worried about your health?

We all worry about our health from time to time. But some of us really fixate on it and become preoccupied with the fear that something is...

4 tips to stay sober after substance abuse treatment

Substance abuse recovery can be a bumpy road. There are ways to help make the journey a little smoother.

5 techniques to overcome obstacles during addiction recovery

There are bound to be obstacles while battling substance abuse. Learn how to eliminate them from the path to recovery.
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