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Meet Dr. Ann Davis, a board certified cardiologist with Edward Hospital and Midwest Cardiovascular Institute. Dr. Davis is an expert in cardiovascular disease and has a special interest in acute coronary syndrome (ACS), cholesterol management, heart block, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and unstable angina. Don’t miss Dr. Davis' Healthy Driven Hearts blogs!

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Untreated depression brings heart patients added risk

June 20, 2023
Depression increases a person’s risk of a heart attack or coronary heart disease. On the flip side, some people with no history of depression...

Heart attack signs in women

January 10, 2023
Although men and women can have atypical symptoms, women are more likely than men to experience them.

5 ways to avoid a post-holiday heart attack

December 28, 2022
Keep your heart healthy after the holidays by following these tips.

Injectable cholesterol medication “essential” for some patients

July 16, 2019
This class of injectable drugs, known as PCSK9 inhibitors, has dramatically lowered stubborn LDL levels when used with a statin.

How yoga can help your heart

April 16, 2019
There’s something to be said for the mind’s power to heal the body.

How our emotions affect our heart health

March 19, 2019
The heart and the mind are intimately connected. Negative states of mind may increase the risk for heart disease over time or worsen heart issues...
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