Not just eye candy: How to choose the best sunglasses to protect your eyes

July 26, 2017
Choosing the right pair of sunglasses can be like trying to understand the nutrition label on the backside of your favorite snack.

What you should know about trampolines and bounce houses

July 26, 2017
You may want to think twice before taking your kids to the next trampoline park or inflatable bounce house party.

Hip replacement patient walks out of Elmhurst Hospital hours after surgery

July 25, 2017
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
When Kathleen Martin got out of bed and walked down the hall in recovery right after her total hip replacement surgery, she stunned everyone.

Do you need supplements?

In a perfect world, all our nutrition would come from the food we eat. In reality, we are all nutrient deficient in some way.

How to teach your child to love her body

July 20, 2017
Nearly half of the nation’s girls are unhappy with their bodies. Use these tips to promote a healthy body image in your kids.

Is microwaving food in plastic really harmful to my health?

July 19, 2017
If your fridge is anything like ours, you’ll find last night’s dinner in a plastic container, Ziploc bag or on a plate wrapped in plastic.
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