Danica’s balancing act: Yoga’s peaceful challenges

September 10, 2015
by Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick talks about the benefits of yoga and the balance she tries to find with yoga that extends to all parts of her life.

What is too much screen time doing to our kids' mental health?

February 18, 2016
Learn the effects of screen time on kids' psychological well-being, and how to know if your child is overdoing it.

Essential facts about the Zika virus

February 05, 2016
Knowledge is a powerful prevention tool.

Danica Patrick: Want to be healthier? Help someone else

June 28, 2016
by Danica Patrick
There’s something about shifting your focus off yourself and onto others in a positive way that lifts the dark clouds.

What your mucus can tell you about your health

November 13, 2017
Do you check out your snot after you blow your nose?

How Danica Patrick stays healthy when life gets crazy

December 14, 2015
by Danica Patrick
Take time for yourself and feel that stress melt away.
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