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Meet Dr. Matthew Siegel, a medical oncologist with Edward Hematology Oncology Group. Dr. Siegel is board certified in hematology, oncology and internal medicine. He earned his medical degree from Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, where he also completed his residency. He completed fellowship training at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland. Don’t miss Dr. Siegel's Healthy Driven blogs!

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Fecal matters: An at-home alternative to a colonoscopy

December 13, 2017
Does just thinking about getting a colonoscopy make you nervous? Fear no more.

Overcoming pain caused by cancer

November 30, 2016
Pain caused by cancer can be challenging, but there are a variety of ways to manage discomfort.

6 tips to fight the fear of cancer returning

August 03, 2016
Living with uncertainty is not easy, but it is very common especially within the first year of survivorship.
HDCancer 5questionsprostate

5 questions men ask about prostate cancer

June 15, 2016
Learn the answers to some common prostate cancer questions.

Keeping your heart healthy during cancer treatment

March 09, 2016
Learn about your options for safeguarding your heart and do your part to keep your heart healthy.

How to make a colonoscopy more comfortable

March 02, 2016
When it comes to preventing and detecting colon cancer, no screening option is more effective than a colonoscopy.
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