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Julie organ donor

Naperville mother loses daughter, finds healing in her gift of organ donation

April 13, 2022
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
“It was the worst day of our life, but the best day for someone else,” Naperville resident, Terri Roman says.
Child with autism playing blocks

Building awareness of autism: Recognizing the signs in children

April 13, 2022
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
How can you tell if your child may be autistic? Learn about some features of autism spectrum disorder in children.

Heavy lifting: Physician weightlifting for personal growth and patient motivation

April 07, 2022
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Doug Tran, M.D., spends his workdays treating patients and his off hours following a strict training program.
HD Heroes Nursing

Why nurses are the heart of healthcare

March 23, 2022
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Providing care, comfort and compassion is all in a day’s work for nurses.
HDHero organdonorcrop

You could be someone’s hero

March 17, 2022
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Join our commitment to save lives. Register as an organ and tissue donor today.
Downers Grove Drive Thru Photo3crop

Mom of three discovers convenient option: Drive-thru lab services

March 16, 2022
by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Amelia Barone and her 11-year-old daughter, Harleigh, from Montgomery, were pleasantly surprised by their recent drive-thru healthcare experience.
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