Start your day stress-free with these exercises

March 14, 2023 | by Sajeda Razick
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Exercise does not guarantee that your day will be completely stress free, but there is no better way to combat what is in store for you then to start your day with these simple exercises:

  • Begin by working on flexibility. Start with a standing quad stretch. Be sure to do this for both legs and to hold the pose for about 15 – 20 seconds.

  • Move on to lunges with a spinal twist and overhead triceps stretch. Stretch these muscles comfortably before moving on to stretching your lower body.

  • When you’re stretching your lower body, practice your butterfly, piriformis and knees-to-chest stretch. These stretches serve as a great way to mobilize your joints and warm up your muscles as you move throughout the day.

If your daily routine requires you to be physically sedentary, is it important to incorporate flexibility so that you reduce your risk of injury. Getting joints to maintain their full range of motion is easily attainable if these exercises are practiced routinely:

Incorporate strength exercises at the start of your day. A few simple body weight exercises can help you sustain a day full of physical and mental demands.

From bodyweight squats to pushups, your body releases endorphins that help diminish the presence of stress and clear your mind. Examples of these exercises include:

  • Glute bridges
  • Triceps dips
  • Planks
  • Lying single leg raise
  • Walking lunges

It is recommended that you repeat these exercises for at least 30 seconds to one minute each.

Need a little extra motivation? Have a friend or family member try these exercises with you. Create a log for yourself and document how your day went after performing these exercises. Check in with yourself. How do you feel? Were you able to concentrate better at work?

Remember, that not all days will begin the same way. Focus on incorporating these exercises when you have the time. Even if it’s not at the start of the day, it can still be helpful. Are you having a rough day by noon? Take a few minutes to move your body and watch yourself get tasks completed with a little more clarity.

Need help with reaching your fitness goals? A fitness specialist can help you develop a fitness program that works for you.

Drive your health forward at Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness.

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