Video: Why is it harder to lose weight as we age?

June 04, 2021 | by Edward-Elmhurst Health
Categories: Healthy Driven Life

In this video, Amanda Davenport, PA, discusses why weight loss tends to be more of struggle as we age.

As Davenport explains, every 10 years, from age 30 and beyond, we lose 3-8% of our muscle mass. Since muscle burns more calories than fat, this decreases the amount of calories that we need to eat in a day. Also, as we age, hormones (estrogen for women and testosterone for men) decrease, which tends to result in more abdominal weight gain. Watch the video to learn more.

The decision to start a new weight loss journey is a deeply personal one. We understand the uncertainties involved and we're here to help. 

Ask Endeavor is a resource you can use to get answers to commonly asked questions, directly from our weight loss experts at Endeavor Health® Weight Management.

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