6 mistakes to avoid during your next workout

August 06, 2019 | by Candice Kryzaniak
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Physical activity has many positive impacts on the human body, such as increased muscle cell size (muscle hypertrophy), increased oxygen update (VO₂ max) and decreased body fat percentage.

While exercising, however, there are some bad habits people commonly fall into that can hinder their results. Here are six mistakes to avoid during your next workout:

  1. Improper form. Performing exercises in the incorrect body position can lead to injury, but also activation of incorrect muscles. For example, when performing a barbell bent-over row, the spine should remain neutral. If performed improperly, the spine (lumbar area) will most likely be compromised.
  2. Skipping the warm-up. When you don’t warm up your body and muscles, injury is most likely to occur. Also, improvements in range of motion and flexibility will not occur as a response to training stimulus.
  3. Skimping on rest and recovery. If you resistance train your body seven times per week, your body and its corresponding muscle groups will not recover enough to produce positive health and fitness gains. Instead, you are more likely to over-train and could sustain an injury.
  4. Keeping the same routine. The body physiologically adapts to what you do. If you bench press three times per week for three months at 95 pounds each time, your body will adapt to lifting 95 pounds at all times. Once that adaptation occurs, you will only maintain that training status and never progress.
  5. Not seeking medical attention when needed. Many people live by the adage “no pain, no gain,” but in reality you are adding more damage to your body than what is necessary to adapt to new training stimulus.
  6. Expecting immediate results. Trust the process of exercise and exercise adaptation. These adaptations and changes do not happen overnight. You need adequate amounts of rest, recovery, and work to produce results that show over time.

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