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July 09, 2019 | by Edward-Elmhurst Health
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When setting out to tell our heart hospital story, we had to decide — what do we want people to know about us? What makes us different?

Of course, at Edward-Elmhurst Heart Hospital, we have a lot we could say: from our industry-leading surgeons to leading-edge techniques and technology, not to mention our pioneering use of minimally invasive heart procedures. But when we took a look at what really makes us special, it was clear that our culture is what truly drives us and sets us apart from other health systems.

We see our culture as the drive behind our innovation, the reason we insist on leading-edge technology and, ultimately, the one thing that sets our patient experience apart from any other hospital and directly contributes to our incredible track record of national-level care and positive outcomes.

The inspiration for this campaign came from one simple story, told by one of the Heart Hospital program leaders, Bryan Foy, M.D.

Nurse Stacey Keeler

Dr. Foy described how each morning when he wakes up, the very first thing he thinks about is the patient he’s going to be operating on that day. It’s a powerful and compelling image: A nationally-recognized heart surgeon, sitting on the edge of his bed at 4 o’clock on the morning of surgery, focusing on the individual whose life he’s going to be saving later that day. He is thinking about the patient’s fear and worry, empathizing with their situation, and making the necessary mental preparations to ensure that their outcome is a positive one in the face of such a serious medical issue.

When we dug further, we realized that these kinds of stories were everywhere within the Edward-Elmhurst Health system. Like Stacey Keeler, a nurse who described treating her patients like family and even feeling like her patients were an extension of her family.

Or nurse navigator Trina Powels, whose job at Edward-Elmhurst centers around anticipating her patients’ questions and concerns, and helping them to better understand their heart condition and what to expect during their care. Powels told us she was inspired to do this kind of work after watching her grandmother battle cancer without fully understanding her disease or her care process.

Nurse navigator Trina Powels

We became fascinated by the fact that all these employees, from entry-level staff to nurses to acclaimed surgeons, have personal stories detailing the importance they place on the patient experience, and what they can do inside and outside of work to better hone their level of care.

That is the Edward-Elmhurst Health difference. It’s healthcare that goes beyond the hospital walls, doctors and nurses who never really leave their patient’s side, employees who know the human value of a never-off-the-clock attitude.

And that’s what we have sought to bring to life in our "This is Personal" campaign. Through tactics ranging from broadcast television, to outdoor billboards, to print, radio, digital and social ads, we’re telling the personal stories of the real people behind our heart and vascular program.

We’re showing the kinds of moments of reflection and introspection that lead to creative breakthroughs and better patient experiences. We’re bringing to light real stories about real people and their real reasons for working in the medical field. And we’re doing all of this because we were inspired by our employees’ culture of kindness and patient-focused professionalism. We hope those who interact with our campaign will feel the same way.

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