Choosing the right primary care physician or family doctor

Finding a new family doctor can be downright daunting. Where do you start?

Your first decision is what type of primary care physician (PCP) to choose.

Some may choose a family medicine physician because they want one doctor for their entire family. Others prefer choosing a pediatrician for their kids and an internist for the adults in the family. Learn more about the different types of primary care providers

Once you’ve chosen the type of PCP that works for you, you’re ready to search for Dr. Right.

First, select physicians who are conveniently located and affiliated with the hospital of your choice. Start by calling the Edward-Elmhurst Health physician referral line at 630-527-6363, talking to friends and neighbors, or checking one of the online physician directories offered by various medical associations.

Once you’ve picked one or two “finalists,” call the offices with questions:

  • Is the doctor accepting new patients and is care covered by your insurance?
  • If a family member has a special health problem, does the physician have experience in this area?
  • Is it difficult to get an appointment?
  • What are the practice’s hours and typical wait times?

Request an appointment to get acquainted with the physician. Decide if you’re comfortable with this particular doctor and his/her communication style and philosophy of care. View the profiles of Edward-Elmhurst Health primary care physicians to learn more.

Your family’s medical needs may be as simple as regular physicals, or as difficult as needing the coordination of specialists during a serious illness. In either case, choosing the right primary care physician can benefit you for years to come.

Our physician groups

Finding a family doctor who matches your needs and preferences is probably one of the most important healthcare decisions you can make. At Edward-Elmhurst Health, we work with several physician groups who are committed to you and your health:

Knowing where to seek treatment could save you time, money and even your life*

Walk-In Clinic
Primary Care
Immediate Care
Emergency Room

Decide which option is best for your particular health situation

*Cost varies based on your insurance coverage and provider