Prevention, education & recovery

At Edward-Elmhurst Heart Hospital, our team’s dedication to our patients goes beyond the hospital walls.

We believe the key to a better outcome is providing you with thorough knowledge and understanding of what to expect before, during and after your hospital stay.

These educational resources will help you prepare you for the road to recovery. For your convenience, click on the following topics to view electronic versions of our patient guidebooks:

Cardiac surgery
Heart failure
Lifestyle management
Peripheral vascular disease
Pneumonia and COPD

Heart-healthy programs

Looking to stay on top of your heart health? Take advantage of a wide range of resources to keep you and your family heart smart.

Delicious Meets Nutritious

Heart-healthy food choices can still be tasty! You'll learn how to plan a healthy meal, read food labels at the grocery store, make good choices at restaurants, and alter recipes to reduce fat and sodium, and much, much more. The two-part series meets monthly on Tuesdays or Thursdays in Naperville. The cost is $40 for both sessions; and free to Heart Hospital patients when scheduled within 30 days of discharge. Register now

Freedom From Smoking

Freedom from Smoking provides a supportive and structured approach to quitting smoking. The six-week program is taught by American Lung Association trained instructors with the ultimate goal of helping individuals overcome their addiction and enjoy the benefits of better health. The $25 fee covers all course materials. Call 630-527-6363 to register or 630-527-2825 for more details.

Cardio-Oncology program

Some treatments for cancer may cause side effects to the heart. As part of the Edward-Elmhurst Cardio-Oncology program, our oncologists and cardiologists work together to protect patients undergoing cancer treatment from cardiovascular complications.