Linden Oaks Medical Group

Linden Oaks Behavioral Health recognizes the need to provide comprehensive behavioral health services to our community. That's why we established Linden Oaks Medical Group—a team of experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, physician assistants, advanced practice psychiatric nurses and counselors/therapists, who specialize in adolescent and adult behavioral health services.

There are eight Linden Oaks Medical Group offices throughout the western suburbs.

  • LOMG Addison -- 303 W. Lake Street, Suite 301, Addison
  • LOMG Hinsdale -- 8 Salt Creek Lane, Suite 202, Hinsdale
  • LOMG Mokena -- 9697 W. 191st St, Suite 100, Mokena
  • LOMG Naperville (Mill Street) -- 1335 N. Mill Street, Suite 100, Naperville
  • LOMG Naperville (Spalding Drive) -- 120 Spalding Dr, Medical Office Building II, Suite 307, Naperville
  • LOMG Orland Park -- 11512 W. 183rd Pl, Unit NE, Orland Park
  • LOMG Plainfield -- Plainfield Medical Office Building, 24600 W. 127th St., Bldg B, Suite 325, Plainfield
  • LOMG St. Charles -- 3805 East Main Street, Suite M, St. Charles
  • LOMG Woodridge -- 3540 Seven Bridges, Suite 230, Woodridge

To reach any of these locations please call 630-305-5118.

Expert services

Our doctors trained at some of the most prestigious medical schools and are on the cutting edge of treatment and management of behavioral health disorders. They specialize in depression, substance abuse, attention deficit disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, eating disordersmedication management and disorders resulting from medical conditions. We also have doctors with expertise in mood disorders, anxiety, personality disorders, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.

Your care team

The Linden Oaks Medical Group team is comprised of experts in mental and behavioral health who work together to customize treatment for each individual.

Depending on your needs, we may recommend psychotherapy, medication, or a combination of both. Your psychologist will collaborate with your psychiatrist, and vice versa, to provide fully integrated care.

How do psychiatrists help?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (an M.D. or D.O.) who specializes in mental health, including the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. A psychiatrist has completed medical school, a psychiatry residency, and sometimes additional specialized training. 

The primary focus of psychiatrists is on medication management. Because they are physicians, they can prescribe medications and other medical treatments in addition to conducting psychotherapy.

Meet the Linden Oaks Medical Group Behavioral Health team

How do psychologists, therapists, and social workers help?

Psychologists, counselors/therapists, and or social workers all specialize in psychotherapy (talk therapy) and mental health disorders. Counselors and social workers have completed an advanced degree (e.g., LCPC, LCSW) and supervised training, and earned state licensure.  They work with people with a variety of mental health concerns.
Psychologists have advanced psychology training and doctoral degrees (e.g., Ph.D., Psy.D.).The primary focus of psychologists is to help people develop coping skills to deal with a range of mental and behavioral health issues. Some also specialize in psychological testing and evaluation. They can work with clients individually, as a couple, with a family, or in a group.

Meet the Linden Oaks Medical Group Counseling Center team

Before your visit

Please print and complete the following forms before your visit, then bring them with you to your appointment:


Linden Oaks Behavioral Health can help you work with your insurance company so treatment is appropriate, timely and financially covered.