Teen stress and parental interventions that work – Ep. 77

August 10, 2023
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Today’s teens are just as stressed as their parents. Stress in teens can lead to various health issues and no matter the circumstances, stress needs to be taken seriously so it can be handled in a healthy way.

Teens can get stressed by a number of things, including activities they’re excited about. It can be anything from academics or their part-time job to relationships and even beloved extracurricular activities. 

Looking for changes in their behavior and listening to their concerns can help tip off parents to a higher stress level. Believe it or not, teens tend to trust their parents and value their relationship and support.

Is there a way to tell when a teen is overwhelmed by stress? What should parents ask teens and when should they be concerned?

Get detailed information and tips in Episode 77, where Dr. G and his guest, Merigan Neben, examine ways parents can identify stress in teens and talk about practical strategies to help them manage it.


Myths vs. Facts

“A teen’s stress isn’t ‘real.’” - Myth
Stress is different for each individual. Something that’s manageable for one person may not be for someone else. We should take each person’s perception of their stress level seriously.

“Stress is terrible, and we must avoid it at all costs.” - Myth
Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to avoid stress. What’s more helpful is recognizing stress, where it’s coming from and how to manage it.

“Since stress is impossible to avoid, there’s nothing to do about it.” - Myth
Stress is a part of life. That’s why learning effective stress management techniques is important for each person.

“Stress is a great motivator.” - Myth
What motivates people more is stimulation, engagement and goal setting. Motivate teens with positive encouragement and support for their passions.

“No symptoms = no stress?” - Myth
Symptoms are a good way to monitor ourselves or others, but they don’t provide the full picture. Many people are good at masking symptoms of stress.

“Stress is only caused by negative events.” - Myth
Stress comes from so many things, and for teens, it’s often about how they perceive the intensity of their situation. If they have a lot of things going on that they care about, it can still feel intense or overwhelming.

Listener healthy OH-YEAH!

Question: What is something fun and relaxing that you do to reduce stress levels from a busy week? “At the pool, having fun exercising.” – B.B.

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