We got your back (and spine)! Latest surgical solutions - Ep. 75

July 19, 2023
Categories: Physical health
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The human spine is more complex than you may realize, including a layered terrain of bone, discs, muscles, ligaments, tendons and other tissues.

Spine surgery has been around for more than 100 years. It’s safe to say that today’s spine surgery is vastly different from the early days, even from techniques in use 20 years ago.

In fact, spine surgery has become common, with about 1.6 million spine surgeries done each year in the United States. Even so, facing the possibility of spine surgery can be scary, and there are several myths about spine surgery that can affect people’s decisions. But the goal of spine surgery is to restore function and quality of life.

What makes a spine surgeon cringe? What’s the best way to keep your spine in good condition? How much does bad posture affect your spine?

Find out in Episode 75, where Dr. G and his guest, Jimmy Zhu, MD, discuss technological advancements in spine surgery, reasons someone would need surgery and answer FAQs.


Myths vs. Facts

“Depending on your condition and diagnosis, nonsurgical treatments are sometimes preferable to surgery.” – Fact
There are a lot of good nonsurgical options out there, it depends on the condition. 

“Months of recovery in bed are required.” - Myth
Spine surgeons prefer to treat patients with the least invasive methods possible, which makes recovery faster.

“Spinal surgery will cause you to be in even more pain.” - Myth
Post-surgical soreness can last for a few days to up to two weeks after surgery, but the pain will subside quickly.

“Most people who have spinal surgery will need another surgery soon after.” - Myth
When patients have the correct diagnosis and get proper treatment, it’s unlikely they will need additional surgery.

“If you have spinal surgery, then you will never be able to walk again.” - Myth
The goal of surgery is to improve pain.

Listener healthy OH-YEAH!

The following quote was a response from an individual who listened to the recent episode titled “The human-pet bond: Exploring the health benefits.” “I love my dogs. They are at my side always. They listen and don’t mouth back…well sometimes…lol!” – S.R.P.

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