Fasting, keto and more : Breaking down common diets - Ep. 14

June 7, 2021
Categories: Physical health
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In Greek, the word “diet” means “way of life.”

For so many people, day-to-day life revolves around food. With all the choices available and a fast food restaurant on every corner, it’s more important than ever to focus on healthier eating.

Almost all diseases can be prevented or delayed with better nutrition. Eating a standard American diet (ahem, processed food, a.k.a. anything in a box or a bag) can seriously affect your health!

Since almost everyone relies on processed food on a regular basis, this could be troubling. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry. Small changes in your diet can make a big difference in your health.

There are three things we can control: what we eat, how much we eat and when we eat.

As diet culture evolves, various diets rise and fall in popularity.

Fasting, keto, counting macros – which dietary trends are the healthiest to follow? And is it possible to change your eating habits if others in your household don’t?

In this episode, host Mark Gomez, MD, and his guests, Louis Malinow, MD, and Bonnie Kastin, RDN, LDN, break down common diets and offer practical tips on how to establish sustainable, healthy eating habits.


  • Louis Malinow, MD - ASH certified hypertension specialist; Diplomate, American Board of Clinical Lipidology; Director of Education and Clinical Excellence at MDVIP.
  • Bonnie Kastin, RDN, LDN - Registered dietitian nutritionist and licensed dietitian nutritionist, Suburban Gastroenterology, LTD.

Myths vs. Facts

"There is scientific evidence to date that suggests mindfulness meditation may help reduce symptoms of stress, including anxiety and depression." – Fact
Studies have found that mindful meditation could reduce general pain and anxiety, curb migraines and even improve mental connections in people experiencing mild memory lapses. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health studies have shown meditation practice may lower blood pressure and relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

“Healthy eating is complex and challenging.” – Fact 
Reaching for a bag or a box of processed food is easy. It takes time and planning to eat healthy.

“Consume a variety of foods.” – Fact
A variety can mean different vegetables, fats and proteins. However, it doesn’t mean a lot of sugary processed desserts. It depends on what type of food you’re talking about.

“Diets go off the rails when people eat out.” – Myth
There are a lot of diet plans you can easily eat out on. Keto is one of them. It’s easy to go to a steakhouse and stick to a keto diet. 

“Liquid calories do not matter in a dietary plan.” – Myth 
Liquid calories matter more than anything. The first rule of any diet should be: Never drink sugar. If you drink a Coke or a glass of orange juice, your liver is getting hammered by the sugar (fructose) it can’t burn. It immediately turns into fat.


Listener healthy OH-YEAH!

“About a month ago I added turmeric gummies to my anti-inflammatory diet. My acid reflux is pretty much gone, and I feel better!” – T.B.

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