eLearning Childbirth Education

If you are expecting, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by a fear of the unknown. Many new parents find that education through birthing classes can help calm their worries and answer many of their questions. But with everything else going on, what if you can't find the time for a conventional childbirth class?

We have the solution. Elmhurst Memorial Hospital is pleased to be one of the first hospitals in the state to offer an eLearning Childbirth Education program that provides a convenient alternative for parents-to-be who cannot attend a conventional class due to bed rest, scheduling conflicts or time constraints.

This Web-based program uses animated illustrations, videos, voice-overs and interactive activities to guide you through the basics of childbirth, breastfeeding and caring for your baby.

Click here to access a sample lesson from the class. After registering, we will send you a program manual and e-mail you a code to access the class. From there, you have 90 days to complete the information at your own pace, when it's convenient for you.

You can rest comfortably knowing that you will receive complete education in a personalized format in the comfort of your own home. And if at any time during the process you have questions about the content, our prenatal educator will be available to help.

Click here for more information or to register for this class. Select Option 3 — eLearning Preparing for Childbirth from the "Class Name" dropdown.

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