Newborn Development Follow-Up Clinic

The Edward Newborn Developmental Follow-Up Clinic provides screening and comprehensive assessments for high-risk infants up to age 2 who are born too soon or with medical complications.

Our highly qualified, multidisciplinary team includes a board-certified neonatologist, registered nurse, speech/language pathologist and physical therapist—all experts in taking care of at-risk infants. In addition, families have access to a social worker, case manager, dietitian and child life specialist.

Babies we see in the clinic

We care for any infant who is born showing signs of developmental delay, or who is at risk for developmental delay, such as:

  • Premature birth, less than 30 weeks gestation
  • Birth weight less than 1250 grams (2 lbs, 12 oz)
  • Diagnosis such as Down Syndrome or other congenital anomaly affecting development

What the clinic offers

We offer services for the following:

  • Medical, neurological and developmental problems
  • Growth and development
  • Speech/language delays
  • Nursing
  • Feeding problems
  • Education for parents
  • Referrals for other services as needed
  • Referral criteria

What to expect in the clinic

You and your child will meet with our multidisciplinary team of physicians and therapists. At each visit, the team provides a thorough developmental and feeding assessment, as well as a medical screening.

We are available to see your infant regularly during the first 2 years of life. The team will make recommendations as to the frequency of visits. The first visit is generally four to eight weeks after discharge. Subsequent visits are typically at 6, 12, 18, and 24 months adjusted age (based on due date).

The team will work closely with your primary care doctor, and send follow-up reports to your child's pediatrician after each visit. If we recommend ongoing services, such as home programs, our case coordinator will provide you with information regarding services and facilities that are close to your home and that best meet your child's needs.

Contact the clinic

The Edward Newborn Developmental Follow-Up Clinic is located at 1331 W. 75th Street, Suite 102, Naperville. To schedule an appointment, please call 630-527-3076 or 630-527-3368. The clinic typically meets three to four times a month from 8 am – noon.