NICU and Special Care Nursery

Some babies are born needing special care. At Edward-Elmhurst Health, we’re fully equipped to care for newborns who require special attention, such as premature infants, infants on ventilators, and newborns with congenital conditions.

Our board-certified neonatologists and experienced neonatal nurses are available 24/7 to treat any unexpected issues that may arise. We also provide the services of case managers, social workers, respiratory therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists and pastoral care, as well as pediatric subspecialists if needed.

Transport team

Our transport team is available 24/7 with a dedicated ambulance to transfer high-risk mothers and newborns needing an advanced level of neonatal care to our hospitals. The team is comprised of a neonatologist, labor and delivery nurses, and a respiratory therapist.

Special Care Nursery

Elmhurst Hospital provides a Level IIe Special Care Nursery with extended capabilities to care for low birth weight and premature infants, as well as infants on ventilators, at 30 or more weeks gestation.

Our fully equipped nursery was designed to keep the family together. Each private room provides the space and comfort for new parents to stay while their baby is being cared for by specially-trained neonatologists and nurses.

A lactation consultant will visit you in your room if you need help with breastfeeding. Each room also has a refrigerator to store breast milk.

Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Edward Hospital provides a Level III Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) — with the capabilities to treat the sickest and most fragile newborns of all gestational ages, including those with a variety of congenital and surgical conditions. This means your baby will be cared for by some of the best medical, nursing and ancillary care available.

Edward's Level III NICU is the largest in DuPage County and treats 400 babies a year. The hospital is also the first in the region to offer private rooms. Each of our 35 private NICU rooms provides parents with space and comfort, and is equipped with the latest technology, so our team of specially trained neonatologists and nurses can closely monitor your newborn. In 2017, Edward expanded its 22-bed private room NICU by adding a new 13-bed unit with private rooms.

Each room features light/temperature controls, two oversized chairs for parents, a refrigerator for breast milk and closets.

NICU families also have access to the Ronald McDonald Family Room, the first of its kind in Illinois. A place for parents to rest and regroup, the Family Room has a living room, relaxation areas, kitchen, two computer stations with Internet access, two sleep rooms, showers and a playroom for patients and siblings.

Every other year, the hospital hosts a NICU Reunion for families and hospital staff to get together and celebrate their child’s progress.

Newborn Developmental Follow-Up Clinic

Edward’s Newborn Developmental Follow-Up Clinic screens infants up to age 2 who are at risk for developmental delays. Our highly qualified multidisciplinary team of therapists provides comprehensive assessments for these high-risk infants.

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Postpartum support

Adjusting to life after giving birth can be challenging. Edward-Elmhurst supports you through this transition.

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