What to expect

Kailey Elfstrum
Dr. Iris A. Seitz and Dr. Lucio A. Pavone are board-certified experts in plastics and reconstruction.

Is plastic surgery right for me?

Nearly all patients we see share a common goal: to feel comfortable in their own skin. We spend time with you to understand your unique aesthetic goals and any health issues that may impact a procedure.

Plastic surgery may be right for you if you are dissatisfied with the signs of aging, the way your clothes fit or with something you perceive to be a flaw in your appearance. It might also be right for you if you have a structural or functional problem or a physical discomfort.

If you have a healthy and realistic mindset, plastic and reconstructive procedures can provide an incredible confidence boost and, in many cases, newfound physical freedom.

Talk to us to learn more about which procedures might be right for you. Call 646-630-6020.

How do I prepare for the consultation?

When you are happy, we are successful. During the consultation, Dr. Seitz and/or Dr. Pavone will seek to understand your specific aesthetic goals to help determine the best procedure and approach for you. Come to the consultation with questions, concerns, desires and fears.

To prepare, it might be helpful to make a list of all of the questions you have. It can also be helpful to bring imagery to help explain your aesthetic goals.

When we have agreed upon a path, our staff will review pricing and explain how to take the next step when you feel ready.

Will my insurance pay for plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgical procedures have become more affordable and more accessible in recent years. Because we believe plastic surgery is a personal investment, we work to make it possible and affordable.

Insurance providers rarely covers cosmetic procedures, so we will share financing options with you. We provide financing through Care Credit, a credit card which allows you to make monthly payments for healthcare services.

In many cases, insurance providers cover procedures deemed to be reconstructive in nature, such as reconstruction after mastectomy, or for women who require breast reduction due to functional issues related to the size of their breasts.

Are there risks of plastic surgery?

Our state-of-the-art surgical facilities and expert team ensure you the safest possible procedure. However, every procedure carries risks. A detailed explanation of possible risks will be an integral component of the surgical consultation. We will discuss ways to minimize surgical risks, such as quitting smoking, losing weight, and ensuring that any medical issues are optimized.

New Patient Forms: Before Your Visit

At your first visit, a few forms need to be completed for our records. This information is kept completely confidential and helps us serve you better.

To save time and ensure you have all of the necessary information, please download and complete the appropriate forms before your appointment. Please be sure to bring these forms with you.