Botox® is a safe, non-surgical procedure to treat the visual signs of aging by reducing or eliminating wrinkles. This method uses botulinum toxin type A proteins to temporarily reduce muscle activity.

Common areas for Botox injections include the forehead and around the eyes. By reducing muscle activity in these areas, Botox can improve or prevent wrinkles, and provide a rejuvenated appearance to the face.

Injectable fillersinjectable-fillers

Many signs of aging can be tracked back to volume loss. As skin of the face thins, small lines being to show around the nose and mouth.

Injectable fillers are gel-like substances injected under the surface of the skin. Fillers improve and restore volume, soften and smooth out lines and creases, or plump the lips.

Autologous fat injectionsautologous-fat-injections

Autologous fat transfer, also known as "fat grafting" or "facial fat transfer," rejuvenates the aging face by using your body’s own fat tissue.

During facial fat grafting a small amount of fat is removed from the abdomen, thigh or hip areas. The fat cells are then deliberately placed in targeted areas of the face to create a fuller, younger look.

Scar revisionscar-revision

The way a scar heals can be unpredictable. Many variables affect the look of a scar including the size of the wound, thickness and color of your skin, and blood supply to the area.

While no scar can be removed completely, there are ways to make it less obvious using a set of procedures known as scar revisions.


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