Expert breast cancer team

We understand you are a unique individual, dealing with a unique breast cancer diagnosis. At Edward-Elmhurst Health, you’ll be cared for by an experienced and compassionate team of board-certified physicians who work together to meet your individual needs.

A personalized, multidisciplinary approach

Following your diagnosis, our breast cancer experts come together in a Multidisciplinary Tumor Board conference to share information and outline the most appropriate treatment approach for you. We work closely with you to listen to your concerns and clearly explain your options. Throughout your care, your team of breast cancer experts continues to meet for weekly conferences to review your progress.

We offer a full range of innovative breast cancer treatments options, and we actively participate in clinical trials to stay on top of the latest approaches. Your team customizes your breast cancer treatment directly to your individual needs so you get the right type — and the right amount — of treatment to eradicate the disease.

Where else can you find this level of personalized attention by a multidisciplinary team?

Meet the team

Your multidisciplinary team of breast cancer experts may include (but is not limited to):

We'll also work with your primary care physician and other experts to provide the full continuum of care. For example, we'll work with a radiologist to review your imaging tests and a pathologist to review your lab tests. Your breast cancer team may also include one or more of the following clinicians, depending on your needs: